Earning while learning

Jamwai Shipping– Now, this is genuinely awesome that you will earn while you learn. In merchant Navy the moment you complete the pre sea training you tend to go for your on board training where you earn a stipend every month and that too in Dollars. There is no such industry apart from this where you get paid while you learn in dollars.Yes, some industries are paying you while training but not in dollars I believe.

Travelling & Adventure

Travelling & Adventure

This job is very adventurous because you will get to travel to different parts of the world and getting payed for travelling abroad works as a cherry on the cake.People spend lakhs of rupees in cruise liners for travelling and you would be doing for free because of your merchant navy job.

Professionalism and Discipline

Professionalism and Discipline

This is the best part of the merchant navy where you become more professional and disciplined. You need to complete your tasks at a given amount of time. Although, being disciplined is for one’s future life as well.

What We Offer

Merchant Navy

The Jamwai Shipping– Recruitment for most Merchant Navy commercial cargo shipping sectors is focussed predominantly on navigation (deck) and marine engineering personnel, with some catering staff also being required. However, the cruise and ferry industries also require significant numbers of hotel operations staff (eg, food and beverage, accommodation) and other support personnel (eg, medical, entertainment, casino, beauty, photographic, retail, fitness etc) Listed below are training management companies, as well as shipping companies who offer recruitment opportunities across all departments on board ship.

Why choose Merchant navy?

Merchant Navy in has a wonderful charm to attract any young and passionate person to be a part of it as a Merchant Navy job provides all what any youngster would aspire for.There is a lot to say about Merchant Navy career, Merchant Navy jobs and Merchant Navy job opportunities. Any youngster looking earn money, enjoy the adventurous life and travel overseas will surely look towards Merchant Navy. www.jamwaishipping.com official website of Jamwai Shipping.

Our Goals

null“To be a class apart in marine training, education and research and setting the benchmark for all marine training based organization through innovation and continual improvement”

null“To be a pioneer in the field of maritime training, to provide top quality training programmers to maritime industry Personal. To be a reliable, ethical & economical maritime education and training provider.”

null“We are committed at all times to our core values of transparency, honesty, fairness and integrity to all our Cadits, Crew Members and employees.”

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